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5 Animals You Might See on an Essex River Cruise

Here in Essex, our beautiful, lush location is home to different types of wildlife. During many of our cruises, you'll be able to see these animals in their natural habitats, and we'll be able to educate you on them! Wondering what some of these creatures may include? Keep scrolling!

1. Egret Egrets are one of the most commonly seen animals on our cruises. They are a specific type of heron, having a smaller build and darker colored legs. They are commonly found in marshes, freshwater and saltwater, making our rivers a perfect habitat for our feathered friends.

2. Osprey Another one of our common bird sightings includes ospreys. Their largest source of nutrition comes from fish, making sense why they'd love to hang out near us! They are often referred to as hawks of the river and sea.

3. Mute Swan This large, graceful creature is referred to as mute because it is much quieter than other types of swans. By large we are talking about the 6.6 to 7.9 feet long wingspan. We love seeing these elegant beauties on our waters!

4. Great Blue Heron In close relation to our good friends, the egrets, great blue herons can usually be seen flying overhead. They are so important to our environment here in Essex because they help control the insect population (the ones we don't want of course). Biggest fun fact about our beloved herons is that they can swim deep underwater!

5. Seal Here at Essex River Cruises, we have our own form of pups, our harbor seals! They actually spend half their time on land and the other half in the sea. Therefore, we spot them often. If you take an early morning cruise, such as our Coffee & Croissant Cruise, you may be able to catch them still asleep belly-up floating in our waters. Excited to see some of these amazing animals? Book one of our event cruises this upcoming summer. For more information, head over to our Facebook! Sea you real soon ;)

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