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3 Reasons Your Children Will Love Essex River Cruises

Looking for an activity for your children that will give them front row seats to countless species of wildlife and a valuable history lesson at the same time? Then look no further than Essex River Cruises to provide your family with a unique and unforgettable experience. Here, we know a thing or two about keeping our young guests entertained from the moment they step onboard, and here’s why.

During your trip with us, your children will be turning their heads in “awe” at the rich varieties of wildlife ranging from Egrets, Ospreys, and Harbor Seals to Great Blue Herons flying both overhead and swimming underwater. They will get to experience first-hand the many wonders of the salt marshes formed thousands of years ago by melting glaciers of the last Ice Age. They will also see the lobstering, clamming, and fishing that has been a mainstay of the historic Essex River for hundreds of years.

We have learned after 20 plus years that children on board are fascinated by wildlife they may have only seen in pictures and truly amazed when we are able to tell them something they didn’t know about these animals. Sometimes we are even surprised by a new species in the area.

But wait! We are not done captivating your children’s attention! Once we begin our journey, they will be shown miles and miles of magnificent beaches and islands.

Last but not least, this extraordinary experience you share together will provide A history lesson going back as far as the Agawam natives, include an overview of the generations of boat builders and fishermen who have been proud to call the Essex River area their home for generations. Our captain and crew are eager to answer any questions you have. We are thrilled to be able to provide your family the opportunity to experience all this and more and are passionate to make sure you and your children step onto land knowing something you didn’t know before.

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