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3 Reasons to Host Your Celebration on a Boat

Deciding where to host your celebration may seem like an impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be. Parties in your house, a dining hall, or even a night club, are the furthest thing from unique since that’s where everyone turns to. If you’re looking to give guests an experience they’re sure to remember, you should set your celebration apart from the others by hosting your celebration on a boat! Boat celebrations have opportunities for fun and features that traditional celebrations truly can’t compete with. Even if you don’t live by the ocean, river cruises are just as great! Essex River Cruises offers wonderful boat celebration packages that make your boat celebration the best it can possibly be. If you’re still not sure, these are three reasons you should host your celebration on a boat.

1) The Views One of the best advantages of hosting your celebration on a boat are the amazing views you’ll get to see while you enjoy your ocean or river cruise. If your celebration is transitioning from evening to night, you’ll get to experience the sunset on the horizon in a way you never have before. Nighttime parties will be filled with the beautiful moonlight reflecting off the water and daytime parties will be basking in the sun. Essex River Cruises even offers guided boat tours if you want to incorporate some sight-seeing into the celebration fun. The great views aren’t only going to take your breath away, but your guests as well.

2) A Unique Experience How many boat celebrations or river cruises have you been to? If you’re like most people, probably not very many. Setting up your celebration on a boat will give your guests a unique experience to remember for years to come, much more than a traditional party ever could. If you want to make your celebration even more memorable for guests, choose a fun nautical theme for the night! A river cruise is the perfect opportunity to step outside the box give guests a pirates or sailors theme. Essex River Cruises is experienced in planning unforgettable experiences for celebrations, one of their experienced staff members will help you transform your celebration into a time to remember.

3) Endless Activities Rather you’re dancing the night away, singing karaoke with friends, or jumping in the water, boat celebrations bring a whole new level of fun to your celebrations. You’re never too old to play with water toys or go for a swim! Even if you don’t want to get in the water, river cruises are a great place to play party games, sit back, and relax with friends and family.

At Essex River cruises the expert staff is available to help you plan and execute the perfect boat celebration for your next event. All Essex river cruises include plenty of seating, an iPod hookup sound system, and a full bar onboard. Essex is experienced in hosting river cruises for weddings, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, anniversaries, and much more. Visit their website at to learn more about what Essex River Cruises has to offer!

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