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7 Great Walks In/Near Essex

With the gorgeous weather finally here, there are so many exciting things to check off your bucket list. If you have some time to kill before/after you join us for a day on the water, there are plenty of things to do around the Essex area- we've got you covered.

1.) Ravenswood Park - Gloucester, MA: A scenic park full of a variety of trails that range from easy to hard, short to long, wide to narrow. Perfect for a leisurely hike with gorgeous views. Take a pit stop at the discovery center for some hands-on activities for kids.

2.) Halibut Point State Park - Rockport, MA: Known for its old granite quarry, this park has some trails through the woods and a beautiful shoreline with views that are breathtaking. There is no beach, just rocks, and cliffs, but easy enough for the kids to walk on.

3.) Coolidge Reservation - Manchester, MA: The Coolidge Reservation is a nature reserve full of easy trails and beautiful views. Although the mansion no longer stands, the home's grounds are preserved as the "Ocean Lawn" with a fantastic view of the water.

4.) Memorial Park - Essex, MA: A great park for a picnic, outdoor activities like whiffle ball, and flying kites. The perfect place to relax on a beautiful sunny day.

5.) Warren-Weld Woodland - Essex, MA: Enjoy bird-watching, hiking and an extraordinary diversity of plant and animal life while exploring the Warren-Weld Woodland.

6.) Allyn Cox Reservation - Essex, MA: The perfect spot to take in breath-taking views, launch your boat/kayak and visit the Greenbelt headquarters.

7.) Stavros Reservation - Essex, MA: 74 acres of beautiful scenery, what's not to love about this reservation! Take in full panoramic views of Crane Beach and the Essex River estuary while hiking their moderately easy hiking trail.

Turn your trip to Essex and the surrounding area into a fun-filled day with family and friends. With so much to do in surrounding towns, you can have a picnic, hike some trails or enjoy the views. Enjoy the sunny New England weather and all it has to offer.

What are your favorite places to explore in the area?

Photo Credit: Zvi Amitai

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