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What to bring on your Essex River Cruise!

We are so happy to be back in full swing and out on the water with everyone again!

We know that planning a family event can be stressful and time-consuming; that's why we do our best to take as much off your hands as possible. With that being said, there are a few things that we recommend you bring when you cruise with us for maximum enjoyment and fun!

Here are our cruise essentials:

Light Jacket or Sweatshirt

Even on the days that it's warm and sunny outside, it's always a little cooler on the water, plus you have to keep in mind the ocean breeze. So it's important to check the weather before you cruise, and it's never a bad idea to pack some extra warm clothing just in case!


Although we have some sunscreen on board, it's always a good idea to pack sunscreen for your cruise, especially if you join us on a sunny day. The UV on the water is extra strong, and although it may not seem like you are getting sun, we would hate for you to end up burnt!

Water & Snacks

Unless you join us on a specialty cruise where snacks are provided, you can never go wrong with packing some snacks for the cruise, especially if you are cruising with kids. Our public cruises are an hour and a half long, so bringing a snack to hold you over before your next meal is a great idea.

Camera or Phone

Nowadays, everyone has a camera on their phone, so it's hard to forget but make sure you remember to take pictures or videos on your cruise. We love getting tagged in posts of the beautiful scenery along the cruise and of our passengers, so make sure to give us a tag in all your Essex River Cruise posts.


Sometimes the sun on the water can be bright, so it's important that you bring some sunglasses, so you don't miss any of your cruise! We would hate for you to miss out on seeing some of the beautiful scenery or wildlife because the sun is in your eyes!

We can't wait for all the memories and fun times on the river this year! And if you forgot an item on the list, just visit our gift shop for all your cruise essentials. We got you covered

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