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The Perfect Day in Cape Ann

Looking to make a day of it in the Essex area! You came to the right place! Summer is a hectic time for most, making it hard to plan weeklong vacations involving long car rides or even plane rides. This is why we have put together an itinerary for the perfect day in Essex that hits all must-go spots and makes for the ideal summer day trip.

  • Start your day off with a delicious breakfast from the Honeycomb. They offer a wide variety of pastries, fresh baked goods, breakfast sandwiches, toasts, and more! They also have a great selection of coffees, teas, and matcha! Honeycomb is located in South Hamilton, which is less than a 15-minute drive to Essex! They also offer online ordering just in case you are running late.

  • If you have time to kill between breakfast and your cruise, head over and hike the Agassiz Rock Trail. The loop trail is under a mile and features beautiful wildflowers and natural wonders along the way. The Agassiz rock is actually the remaining parts of bedrock that were set there by a glacier! The trailhead is just 15 minutes from Honeycomb, making for the perfect quick post-breakfast activity. 

    • The Agassiz rock trail is a quick 10-minute drive to Essex, where you can hop onto one of our cruise boats and enjoy an afternoon on the water. On our cruises, you can see a wide variety of aquatic life and birds…and maybe even a seal!

  • After the Essex River Cruise, take a short tip over to the historic Woodman’s of Essex, aka the inventor of the fried clam. Woodman’s has been serving great fresh and local seafood for over 100 years! They are generally known for their fried clams, but don’t stop there! They have a traditional seafood menu including; lobster rolls, fish sandwiches, boiled lobster dinners, seafood platters, and their award-winning clam chowder.

  • After lunch, stretch those legs and shop around in some of the famous antique shops located right in Essex. Don’t miss Howard’s Flying Dragon Antiques, main street antiques, Andrew Spindler’s antiques, and more! All the antique shops in Essex have their own personality making for an antiquer’s dream day! All the shops are located in colonial buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries.

  • To finish off the Perfect day, grab dinner at CK Pearl! Their menu has a wide variety of classic New England meals with a modern twist on each! With a great selection of fresh seafood, such as; oysters, clams, lobster, and fish, you will know where you are! Their selection of cocktails, wines, and draft beers will round out your dining experience.

We hope we gave you some great suggestions for a perfect day in Essex and Cape Ann area! We appreciate your support and always encourage you to shop local!

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